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  • What are the Kelvin Box made of?

    The Kelvin Box have a glass wool-based Vacuum Insulated Panel (VIP), wrapped in a multi-layered envelope to seal and protect the vacuum. The VIP is then encased in a polyurethane (PUR) panel to improve easy of handling and increase longevity. These PUR panels are covered in a the reflective material, improving insulation and making the insides of the boxes easy to keep clean. These metallic foil covered PUR panels are housed inside a cloth foil outer liner to further protect the insulation. The Oxford-type cloth covering the top and the bottom sides of the boxes function to reduce damage during transportation and to allow for the easy attachment and detachment of labels and stickers

  • How long is the Warranty?

    We manufacture our boxes using strict Quality Assurance Systems in ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16959:2009 certified factories. We stand by the quality of our products. We will replace any product under warranty for one year from product receipt. For details please see our Warranty Policy here.

  • How do I start an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) process?

    Our RMA process is designed to be transparent and cause you minimal inconvenience. For example, we don’t trouble you to send the product back to us, and if we have the product in stock, we will have a replacement product sent to you in days. No shipping fee, no restocking fees, absolutely no cost to you. So if you, the original owner, have any issues with our product during the one year warranty period, please do the following:

    a) Please see here for RMA process.
    b) After reviewing the form, we will email you an RMA number.
    c) Wait for replacement product.

    That’s it!

  • How do I calculate the cost of shipping?

    For continental USA, shipping is included in our product price.

  • Where do I buy Kelvin Box products?

    We sell exclusively through our certified resellers. You can submit a request for a quote here or contact one of our partners listed here.

  • How do I clean my Kelvin Box product?

    The Kelvin Box boxes are designed to be easy to keep clean.

    a) Dilute household detergent with warm water about 30-40 times (example: 1 ounce detergent to 3 cups water). Soak and wring a soft cloth in the diluted detergent. Use the cloth to wipe the box surfaces and remove any soiling on box.

    b) Please do NOT:
    directly hose down the box with water,
    use water hotter than 175F (80C),
    use steam to clean the box.

  • How do I disinfect my Kelvin Box product?

    We recommend using one of the two following methods to disinfect the boxes. Please note that these recommendations may be superseded by disinfecting guidelines for your specific industry or products transported in the boxes. We also recommend that the box surfaces be cleaned using the cleaning procedure outlined above prior to disinfection.

    a) Using Alcohol. Using 70% – 75% alcohol solution and a clean cloth, wipe the surfaces of the box thoroughly and allow to air dry.

    b) Using UV lights. Please limit exposure time to 30 minutes.

  • Can I use dry ice with the Kelvin Box boxes?

    Our Kelvin Box boxes are designed to be flexible, the same box can be used for room temperature, chilled, and frozen applications.

    The use of dry ice requires ventilation to allow the evaporating gas to dissipate. The box is constructed in a way to avoid excessive buildup of gases and the Vacuum Insulated Panels will keep dry ice longer than other materials. We recommend wrapping dry ice in paper and a plastic bag or using a liner inside the box to slow down the evaporation process. When handling dry ice, you should always take the recommended precautions, such as using heavy gloves.